Friday, August 18, 2017

Lions Club of Calicut Solitaire 2017

Tamer:                                                        Lion Anoop KS
Tail Twister:                                               Lion Jinesh TK
Directors:                                                   Lion Sajith P
                                                                    Lion Binesh Chenagala
                                                                    Lion Vinod P
                                                                    Lion Mahesh Kumar K
Vice Presidents:                                          Lion Vijeesh Kumar VK
                                                                    Lion Shybu P
Treasurer:                                                   Lion Jithesh  K
Secretary:                                                   Lion Sareesh N
Joint Secretary:                                          Lion Sarath Kumar K
President:                                                   Lion Abhilash VP
Club membership chairperson:                  Lion Baburaj
Club LCIF coordinator:                             Lion Sunil Chittadi
Club Service Chairperson:                         Lion Praveen Das VP
Club Marketing Communication Chairperson:    Lion Prabeesh P

The induction and installation of new office bears and new members happened on Thursday 13 July 2017 by Past District Governor Lion Ipe Thomas MJF at Varthakabhavan Kozhikode.
On this day we inducted two new members, Lion Manesh and Lion Vivek.
During this auspicious occasion we honored our Guiding Lions, Lion Ramesan and Lion Hassan Koya.
Also honored Lion Balakrishnan Nambiar, Lion Subash, IPP Lion Baburaj.
Honored all the cricket players and football players of our club who were active participants for the past year.

First meeting on  Thursday 27 August @ Emrald Mall

  • President Lion Abhilash, Treasurer Lion Jithesh and MCC Lion Prabeesh registered attended the Cabinet Installation on 16 July at Mahe Dental College.
  • MCC Lion Prabeesh provided one day food to the intimates of Sukrutham Girls home Narikkuni.
  • Secretary Report -Installation 
  • Treasurer Accounts- Installation,District Cabinet Installation.
  • Meeting time
  • Service project
  • Dues
  • Celebration of important days-Independence day 
 Key Decisions:
  • Decided to conduct our general body meeting on every first and third Thursday. Director Board meeting clubbed with thursday meeting (one hour before the general body meeting)
  • Family meeting once in two months.
  • Decided to celebrate the independence day at Balika Sadanam Parambil Bazar.The activities and service project is in pipeline and will be decided on 10 August by PST. 
August 3-Director board Meeting at Rameshettans office:

Key decisions:
  • Independence day celebration at Balika Sadanam.
  • Flag hoist
  • Provide one day food. 
  • Distribution of set of sports jerseys to all the intimates.

On 15 th August 2017 we celebrated independence day at Balika Sadanam Parambil Bazar and on the same day we provided food to all intimates and also distributed a set of sports jersey to all the intimates. This can be used by the students during the yoga class and sports.
Lion Xenon took a session for the students. 
 Lion Xenon taking a session to the students
General Body Meeting  on Thursdsay 17 August 2017 at Emrald Mall
General body meeting conducted on Thursday 11 August 2017.
  • Lion Augustine Francis took the orientation class to our club members.
  • Lion Xenon took one session to our members.

  • Our President Lion Abhilash Registered and attended the Presidential academy  training, Cambiare on 5 and 6 August at Paithal Resorts, Paithalmala, Kannur
    • Onam Celebration
    • Secretary Report
    • Treasurer Accounts Report
    Key Decisions:
    • Onam celebration
    • Family meeting during the ocassion of Onam

    Thursday, February 16, 2017

    DG Visit 16 February 2017

    DG Visit and Honoring of duty conscious citizen was conducted on 16 February 2017.
    Prio to this we had a board meeting.

    Guest of honor -V K Mahadev Prasad, Founder and Managing Trustee, Surkritham Girl Home Narikkuni.

    • 100% Attendance for DG Visit.
    • Inducted three new members.
    • Sponsored for a Girls complete one year Education (Sukritham girls home)
    • Donated 6000 Rs to Dharma Charitable Trust.
    • Honored Immediate Past President and Charter members.
    Meeting came to an end at 9.30PM.


    Respected Chairman of the meeting Lion Sunil Kumar Chittadi, Our Chief guest Lion CA Sivaprasad K MJF,1st Lady of the district Lion Ganga Devi, Guest of honor Mahadev Prasad and other dignitaries on the dais and off the dais and invited guest.
    This report will be split into 4 areas:
    1. Centennial Projects
    2. Legacy Projects
    3. Celebration of Important days.
    4. Our participation for District Programmes.

    We started our Programmes on 1July , the very first day of the centennial year by Honoring Dr Vankat Rahavan of Ahalia Eye Hospital.
    The new office bearers for 2016-17 of the club was installed on 13 July 2016 by Past Governor Lion Prof Varghese Vaidyan MJF.
    We started a blog for our club on 13 July 2016 and all the activities are updated on the blog.

    Lion Sareesh providing Rs 500 Per month as pension to Santhosh Chevayoor.
    Lion Praveendas providing Rs 500 to Showri Vengeri.
    Lion Prabeesh, Lion PK Baburaj, Lion Bineesh, Lion Sunil Kumar Chittadi providing pension Rs 500 to Shankunni Per month.
    Lion Anoop, Lion Shybu, Lion Mahesh, Lion Sarath providing Pension of Rs 500 to Philomina per month
    Lion Abhilash, Lion Vijeesh Providing a pension of Rs 500 per month to Malu Kotooli.

     LC Calicut Solitaire celebrated 70th Independence day, We celebrated the independence day at Mathrubandhu UP School Kakkodi and sponsored New papers to school as a part of 'Madhuram Malayalam' Project.
    Eye Camp conducted in association with Ahaliya Eye Foundation on 14 November 2016.
    ·     Rehabilitation of Blind and/or any service project to the blind.
    Donated Rs 5000 (Rs Five thousand only) to Rehabilitation Centre, Blind and Leprocy,Alappey on 11 Dec 2016.

    ·         Donated food for 25+ residents of Sukrutham Girls Home Narikkuni on 10 Sep, 8 October, 11Nov, 25 December.
    ·         On our installation day 13 July 2016, we inaugurated our tree sampling project. We distributed 50 tree sampling.
    ·         Taking initiative to do organic farming and /or herbal Plantation. On Dec 14 we distributed 100 saplings of  Neem and gooseberry (2 items in a kit).

    SFK: Our Club did send three teachers to SFK training programmed conducted at Comtrust Eye Hospital on Monday 29 August 2016

    July 13-On the installation day Lions Club of Calicut Solitaire provided financial assistance of Rs 50000 for renovating the house of a deserved poor, Santhosh from Edakkad , Kozhikode. The cheque was handed over by the Installation Officer Lion Prof Varghese Vaidyan PMJF. 

    Our club contributed towards the construction of Bus waiting shed near Puthiyangadi Calicut.


    • ·         July 4-Doctors Day- Honored Dr Venkat Rahavan Ahalia Eye Hospital
    • ·         August 15-LC Calicut Solitaire celebrated 70th Independence day, We celebrated the independence day at Mathrubandhu UP School Kakkodi and sponsored New papers to school as a part of 'Madhuram Malayalam' Project.
    • ·         September 10-Celebrated Onam celebration at Sukrutham girls Home Narikkuni. We sponsored a day to the residents.
    • ·         Oct 2-Our Club Lions Solitaire celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on Oct 2 by cleaning the Road side near Parammel UP school.
    • ·         On October 8, Worlds Lions Service day, Our President , Secretary and Treasurer contributed one full day service to Ahalia Eye foundation by inaugurating their anniversary and helping them conduct the eye camp
    • ·         On world Diabetic day (Nov 14) Our club participated in a programme organized by Ahalia Foundation.
    • ·         Nov 14-Celebrated children’s day with the students of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Edakkad, Kozhikode
    • ·         Dec 25, celebrated Christmas by cutting cake and distributing sweets to the residents of Govt Old age home, Calicut.
    • ·         Jan 26- Republic day (Decided to celebrate with students of Sri Sri Ravishakar Bal Vidya Mandir Edakkad- Sponsoring smart class room and Mini Childrens Park)


    • ·         Solitaire President, Jt Secretary, Treasurer and PRO attended the PR seminar of 4th September.
    • ·         District Dues and First half of International dues Paid on time.
    • ·         Attended RLA.
    • ·         Club Tour to Alappey on 15 and 16 October
    • ·         Registration & Participated for Sargasangamam.
    • ·         Kept Hunger box in club meeting.
    • ·       Contributed to Onam-Bakrid celebration conducted by Dist: Chairperson Lion K.P Hassankoya MJF at Lions        hall calicut on 18-9-2016 inaugrated by Dist: Governor Lion CA K Shivaprasad MJF.
    • ·         Registered and participated in Cricket tournament organized on 4 December 2016. We also paid Rs 200 towards registration fee.
    • ·         Participated and contributed towards community marriage on 10 Dec 2016.
    • ·         Participated and Registered for Centennial celebrations from 7-13 Jan. and received an award from District for the Max percentage of Attendance 63%.
    • ·         Attended all the Zone Advisory meetings called by Our Zone Chairperson Lion Roy Toms MJF
    • ·         We hosted District 5s Foot Ball Tournament on 29 January 2017.

    We are prompt in reporting on the International site and on the district site.
    With this I am concluding my report.
    And Finally, Our club is at 16th Rank throughout the district and 4th in Category D with 35550 points, a club that is just 1 year and 2months old.